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Getting the best of both worlds with “1 Day Workshops” + “1 Day Talks” Tickets

UXLx: UX Lisbon
3 min readMar 26, 2019

If you’re dying to come to UXLx User Experience Lisbon 2019 (you really should because it’s going to be off the charts) but still haven’t made a decision about which ticket to get, then we’ll share with you a little ticket tip.

You can attend two days of UXLx without getting the “2 Days” ticket (23 & 24 May 2019) - which is now sold out. How’s that you ask? Very simple, you can get the “1 Day Workshops” ticket plus the “1 Day talks” ticket. And it’s actually cheaper than purchasing a “2 Days” ticket (895€). The “1 Day Workshops” ticket will cost you 475€ (standard plus 23%VAT) and the “1 Day Talks” ticket will cost you 345€ (standard plus 23%VAT). Well, doing the math, you’ll get both tickets for a total of 820€.

To help with your decision here’s what to expect from the 22 and the 24 of May at UXLx:

On 22 May there are 8 world-class half-day workshops available, and you’ll be able to pick two of them to attend:

You can check all workshops’ details at www.ux-lx.com/programme.html and choose which ones best fit your interests. When at UXLx, every morning you’ll be able to choose which workshops you want to attend. Workshop registration is on a first come first served basis, and you’ll get tokens for the selected workshops.

On 24 May you can attend 10 inspirational talks from world-renowned speakers. Stephen Anderson will talk about “The Future of Design”, Nathan Curtis will focus on Design Systems and the ending keynote “From Design Thinking to Creative Confidence” by Tom Kelley is definitely not to be missed. The line-up also includes talks from Jessica Outlaw, Becki Hyde, Jim Kalbach, Pamela Pavliscak and Kate Rutter. Check the full talks programme at ux-lx.com/programme.html.

All UXLx tickets also include delicious coffee-breaks and three-course lunches. So you won’t have an extra expense with that.

Well, but if I buy one “1 Day Workshops” and one “1 Day Talks” ticket I’ll have an empty day in between, what do I do then you ask? Well, isn’t the answer obvious? Visit beautiful sunny Lisbon, of course. During that day you can get a quick taste of the city — explore downtown, wander around the old neighbourhoods, go for a tram ride or enjoy a stroll by the Tagus river. We’ve also partnered with LisbonWalker, a walking tour company that can take you on a tour around Lisbon’s picturesque oldest neighbourhoods.

Now it’s up to you. You just have to choose the ticket that best fits your learning path. There are still three type of tickets available. Grab your standard “1 Day Workshops” and “1 Day Talks” tickets at www.ux-lx.com/registration.html before they sell out, or for a full UXLx experience you can still get one of the very last“4 Days” tickets.

Hope to see you in May!



UXLx: UX Lisbon

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