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UXLx: UX Lisbon
5 min readJun 1, 2016
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The 7th edition of UXLx from 24 to 27 May 2016 was the greatest ever in size as well as in number of visitors. During the 4 days of the Conference we received 500 attendees from 38 different countries, who were able to choose from 22 workshops and attend 12 inspiring talks.

This was an amazing experience to us and definitely one of our favourite editions so far. :)

Conference’s first day

May 24

On May 24 we welcomed the first attendees, who picked one of two full-day workshops: Melissa Perri’s “Lean Product Management for UX” or Sophia Voychehovski’s “Object Oriented UX”.

Melissa Perri’s workshop on “Lean Product Management for UX”
Sophia Voychehovski’s workshop on “Object Oriented UX”

At the end of the day it was time to relax and network on our Welcome Party sponsored by Microsoft Portugal, with a fancy cocktail with nibbles and amazing views.

Welcome Party at Microsoft

May 25

On the second day we had 10 different amazing workshops for our attendees to choose from.

In the morning, Sophia Voychehovski presented a half-day version of the Object Oriented UX workshop.

Sophia Voychehovski’s “Object Oriented UX”

Val Head taught a workshop on Animating the User Experience.

Val Head’s “Animating the User Experience” workshop

Nathan Curtis presented his Scalable Design Systems workshop.

Nathan Curtis “Scalable Design Systems” workshop

Amber Case presented her Designing Calm Technology workshop.

Brad Nunnally taught a workshop on Field Research Techniques.

The afternoon started with a net set of workshops. Denise Jacobs presented her Unfold your Brain workshop.

Denise Jacobs’ “Unfold Your Brain”

Abi Jones presented the workshop Explore, Persuade, Destroy.

Marc Stickdorn taught about Designing Cross-Channel Experiences.

Jaime Levy presented the UX Strategy workshop, with Alan Cooper as a special guest.

Samuel Hulick and Mara Zepeda workshop on Designing Onboarding Experiences.

The second day closed with a networking dinner at Lisboa Marina.

26 May

The talks day gathered all 500 attendees of UXLx 2016.

The day started with Denise jacobs opening keynote Co-Create: Creating Better Together.

Denise Jacobs

Christopher Noessel then presented Semantic Noodling and Meaning Machines.

Christopher Noessel

Abi Jones talked about How We Talk and How Machines Listen.

Abi Jones

Adam Connor talked about Creating Consistent Experiences With Design Principles.

Adam Connor

Per Axbom presented The Invisible Problem with Fairy Tale Experiences.

Per Axbom

And closing the morning sessions, Wiesław Kotecki presented a case study about Redefining the Corporate Banking Experience.

Wiesław Kotecki

Lunch was served for all attendees present at the event, where they could taste some very intriguing traditional Portuguese dishes.


The afternoon started with Amber Case’s talk on Calm Technology and Wearable Computing.

Amber Case

Brad Nunnally presented See What I Mean.

Brad Nunnally

Stephanie Rieger talked about The Emerging Global Web.

Stephanie Rieger

After a coffee break with delicious pasties, it was time for Melissa Perri to present her Designing to Learn talk.

Melissa Perri

Giles Colborne talked about Interaction Designers vs Algorithms.

Giles Colborne

And finally, Alan Cooper closed the talks day with his inspirational keynote Ranch Stories.

Alan Cooper

The day ended with a networking dinner at Buffallo Grill.

27 May

The last day of the event started at 9:00 with Giles Colborne’s workshop From Insight to Interaction.

Amber case presented a second round of Designing Calm Technology.

Nathan Curtis also presented a new round of the very popular
Scalable Design Systems

Stephanie Rieger presented Exploring the Physical Web.

Adam Connor presented his Discussing Design workshop.

The afternoon started with Chris Noessel’s Designing for Agentive Technology.

Val Head presented a second run of her Animating the User Experience workshop.

Nicolas Nova presented a Design Fiction workshop.

Jaime Levy gave a second run of her very popular UX Strategy workshop.

Brad Nunnally also repeated his popular workshop on Field Research Techniques.

The event closed in glory with the Iconfinder Sunset Cruise, with drinks towards the sunset.

The day ended with the last networking dinner in Portugalia Cais do Sodré restaurant.

All coverage from the event is at our Lanyrd page at: http://lanyrd.com/2016/uxlx/coverage/

And we’re already working on the next edition of UXLx!

Stay tunned at our website, and follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more news.

See you in 2017!



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