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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while now, but over the past year we got starstruck with it’s growing capabilities — from large language models like ChatGPT to Google’s breakthrough demonstration of Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot, just to name a few.

As AI tools keep evolving at an unprecedented speed, the demand for designers who know how to take advantage of it will only increase in the years to come.

Sitting and watching the AI train go by, simply sticking to old methodologies, is not an option. The moment to start growing our AI skills is today. And not just because of some groundless fear of being somehow replaced by it, but because AI will make us a more indispensable professional. As Jakob Nielsen puts it:

“You won’t lose your job to AI, but to someone who uses AI better than you do.”

Using AI the right way can seriously improve our UX work. Not only can it help with productivity and with speeding up processes, but improve the quality of our work, and strengthen our current skillset. On the other hand, current AI tools and apps lack good usability so the role of designers and researchers who can leverage user-centred research & design will be crucial. And we all now the likely results of improving their use — increased user satisfaction and, consequently, more business gains.

UXLx always strives to give UXers coming from all over the world the best training based on the latest UX practices and trends. This year, more than ever, those practices and trends have to include AI. Attendees will have 5 workshops and 1 talk that will cover how AI can be applied to our daily UX design practice. Let’s go over them.

Supercharged AI Design Methods & Techniques by Greg Aper

Silver and purple light fixture
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

This is one of the two full-day workshops that will kick-off this year’s edition of UXLx. Greg Aper is a Design x Gen AI pioneer that’s been helping organisations create emotionally intelligent, harmonious experiences through the integration of generative artificial intelligence with human-centered design methodologies. He’s pausing his consultation work to Fortune 50 companies to join us in Lisbon and teach us about proprietary Generative AI techniques for over 40 best-practice UX/UI design methodologies.

Learning sessions and live interactive demos will feature:

  • Generative AI Foundations
  • Preparing Your Mind to Maximize Gen AI
  • Creating Instructions & Custom GPTs
  • Gen AI Prompt Engineering for Design
  • Constructing Gen AI Frameworks
  • Specialised Generative AI Design Techniques
  • Building Your Gen AI Design Methods Toolkit (including UX Research & Analysis, Personas, Ideaton, UX Design, and more)

“Supercharge your design talents with proprietary Generative AI techniques not taught anywhere else in the world.”

🎟️ You’ll need a 4 Days ticket to attend Greg’s workshop.

Scheduled for 🗓️ 21 May 2024 🕘 9:00 to 17:30

UX for AI — A Framework for Product Design by Greg Nudelman

Low angle of black metal tower
Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Greg Nudelman is a UX designer, strategist, speaker, and author, who’s currently creating innovative AI/ML solutions for Security, Network, and Cloud Monitoring.

Drawing insights from the 32 AI projects he’s worked on, Greg will present a practical, half-day workshop where we’ll discover the path to AI project success. We’ll be equipped with skills to:

  • Identify the right AI use case
  • Deploy effective research techniques for AI applications
  • Create use-case storyboards
  • Leverage the “Value Matrix” to train AI models with human values
  • Harness established UX for AI design patterns like Digital Twin and Chat
  • Deploy advanced Data Visualizations to communicate AI predictions and insights
  • Structure our team for optimal project success.

“Greg will equip you with UX Design skills to lead your next AI project.”

🎟️ You’ll need a 4 Days, 3 Days or 2 Days W+F ticket to attend Greg Nudelman’s workshop.

Scheduled for 🗓️ 22 May 2024 🕘 14:00 to 17:30

Designing Services with AI by Titta Jylkäs

Cute tiny little robots are working in a futuristic soap factory
Photo by Gerard Siderius on Unsplash

All the way from Lapland, Finland, we’re happy to welcome Dr. Titta Jylkäs as UXLx speaker. Titta is an experienced service designer and educator focusing on digital services with artificial intelligence and data science. She’s currently an associate professor of design and technology at the Sino-German Faculty of Branding at Zhejiang Wanli University in China.

In this workshop, we will dive into the main functionalities of AI, such as natural language processing, predictions, and decision automation, and form an understanding of how those functions can be used as a part of digital service to enhance user experience.

Then down for a practical exercise where we can get a feel of how to form user journeys and service system designs incorporating AI in them.

🎟️ You’ll need a 4 Days, 3 Days or 2 Days T+F ticket to attend Titta’s workshop.

Scheduled for 🗓️ 23 May 2024 🕘 09:00 to 12:30

New Techniques for Designing for AI by Dan Saffer

Robot Pointing on a Wall
Photo by Tara Winstead

Dan Saffer is a designer and the author of four design books you probably already came across with — Designing Devices, Designing Gestural Interfaces, Designing for Interaction and the best-selling Microinteractions.

Since 1995, he’s designed devices, apps, websites, wearables, appliances, automotive interiors, services, social networks, and robots, and worked at and for such companies as Twitter, Smart Design, Samsung, Jawbone, CNN, Philips, Microsoft and Flipboard.

He’s pausing his teacher duty at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University for some days to fly to Lisbon and teach us a handful of new techniques that designers, product managers, and researchers can take back and start using immediately.

The workshop will be short lectures to introduce a technique, then exercises working with the method hands-on.

  1. Matchmaking and ranking: how to find the best uses of different AI technologies.
  2. Adaptive UIs: how to find places in our existing products where we can insert AI for the most value for our users.
  3. Consequence Scanning: to identify risks (and attempt to overcome them).

“This workshop takes some of what we’ve been teaching our students at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and adopts it for practitioners.”

🎟️ You’ll need a 4 Days, 3 Days or 2 Days T+F ticket to attend Dan’s workshop.

Scheduled for 🗓️ 23 May 2024 🕘 14:00 to 17:30

AI for User Research by Nick Fine

Person using magnifying glass to see gold and white device gear
Photo by Shane Aldendorff on Unsplash

With more than 20 years of experience on user experience research and design, Dr. Nick Fine is joining us at UXLx 2024 for a workshop on how to use AI to support user research.

  • How can you use AI to increase your value to your organisation?
  • How can you defend against being replaced by AI?
  • What are the pitfalls and dangers of using AI to support User Research?
  • How can you use AI safely to take some of the heavy lifting without major risk?

These are some of the questions this workshop intends to answer. We’ll learn how and when to use AI to generate valid insight quickly and how to use that insight to elevate both our insight and our profile at our company. At the end of the workshop, we’ll be ready to apply all the knowledge to our current projects.

“AI is both exciting and scary because it holds such promise — yet is also a clear and present danger. What is important for UX practitioners of all levels to understand is how to use AI most effectively to drive measurable business value.”

🎟️ You’ll need a 4 Days, 3 Days or 2 Days T+F ticket to attend Nick’s workshop.

Scheduled for 🗓️ 23 May 2024 🕘 14:00 to 17:30

Designing Products Powered by AI by Katrina Alcorn

Girl laying left hand on white digital robot
Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

AI is the chosen theme of UXLx 2024 final keynote, and presenting it is none other than Katrina Alcorn, the global product design executive and award-winning author. She has built two highly successful design practices in her 20 years in the tech industry — Hot Studio and Autodesk. Most recently, Katrina led one of the world’s largest design practices at IBM.

Designing for AI requires new considerations and new ways of thinking. We must focus our design talents on a new type of relationship with machines — one that is far more dynamic than ever before. What should these relationships look like? How might we take an ethical approach to create the best experiences with AI? And what role does design thinking have in helping us design for AI? These are some of the questions Katrina will address.

In “Designing Products Powered by AI” we’ll learn:

  1. How our relationship with machines is changing
  2. The role of designers in setting a clear purpose for AI
  3. Why ethics is a critical part of the designer’s role

“As designers, we have a responsibility to align this technology to our purpose and intentions, and teach it what we value.”

🎟️ All UXLx 2024 ticket types give you access to Katrina’s keynote.

Scheduled for 🗓️ 24 May 2024 🕘 16:30 to 17:15

See you this May at UXLx 2024?

(From left to right) A workshop at UXLx 2024. | Attendees and speakers mingling at the Welcome Party. | Talks day at UXLx.

If you’re looking to strengthen your skillset with new AI tools and approaches, UXLx 2024 is the place to be this May.

Besides AI, other workshops will cover timely UX trends and practices within design, research, strategy and content. You simply have to choose which ones to attend and build your ideal training path.

More than a place to get THE best UX training, UXLx gathers hundreds of UX Pros from all around the world making it a perfect place to connect with your peers. And as a plus, you’ll have sunny Lisbon as a backdrop. 😎

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