Fancy some world cuisine? Here’s the best restaurants around UXLx venue

UXLx: UX Lisbon
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Updated 15 March 2024

UXLx venue — PT Meeting Centre — is located in the most modern neighbourhood of the city, and it’s bursting with different flavours. Besides Portuguese food, there’s a number of world-food, from Japanese to Italian, Chinese and even Syrian. There’s an option for everyone’s taste (and wallet 😅).

❗️Remember: Your ticket to UXLx 2024 includes lunch and coffee-breaks at the venue. Consider these restaurants as dinner options or if you’re around in any other days.

While some of the restaurants on this list have been tried out by our team, others were not. That’s why we’re not including restaurants with less than 4 ⭐️ (based on Google Reviews). Also, all options included are a maximum 17-minute walk from the venue.

🍽️ A summary:

Michelin-Star Chefs 🧑‍🍳

Fifty Seconds

At the wheel of Fifty Seconds is Rui Silvestre, who at 29 became one of the youngest national chefs to win a Michelin star. The restaurant is located at the top of Vasco da Gama Tower (Myriad by Sana 5-star hotel). The name derives from the time it takes to reach the top of the tower, exactly 50 seconds.

📍Rua Cais das Naus Lote 2.21.01

€€€€ Tasting Menu- 235€

⭐️ 4,8

Cantinho do Avillez

Here you’ll find contemporary Portuguese cuisine influenced by travels abroad. The restaurant is owned by the Portuguese chef, José Avillez, who owns several restaurants in Portugal (one of them with 2 Michelin Stars) and also one in Dubai.

📍Rua do Bojador 55, 1990–048 Lisboa

€€€ Lunch Menu from 18,5€ (Mondays to Fridays)

⭐️ 4,2

Portuguese 🇵🇹


Bacalhau (codfish) is one of the most famous ingredients of the Portuguese cuisine. People say there’s 1001 ways to cook it. In D’Bacalhau you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of them.

📍 Zona Ribeirinha Norte, R. da Pimenta 45, 1900–254 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,4

Tacho do Pescador

Tacho do Pescador (“Fisherman’s Pot”) is a restaurant focused on traditional Portuguese cuisine.

📍R. da Pimenta 17, 1990–254 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,2


Dote specialises in a typical dish from Porto (a city in north of Portugal) called Francesinha. It’s basically a sandwich (a really big one) made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage, steak, covered with melted cheese, a fried egg and a hot and thick spiced tomato and beer sauce. It’s typically served with french fries.

📍Av. Dom João II 43e, 1990–083 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,1

For Meat Lovers 🥩


Aged meat is Butchers specialty, making it a great option for meat lovers. Meat comes from different countries in the world both ready to eat or to be aged in the restaurant.

📍Rua Polo Sul 15C, 1990–271 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,4

Brut by Natábua

Brut offers several meat options and it also features a bar with signature cocktail suggestions.

📍Av. Dom João II 1.19.02, 1990–046 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,3

Burgers 🍔

The Fifties Diner

Kitsch space alluding to the 1950s where you’ll find comfort food, burgers and American desserts.

📍Av. Dom João II 43 A, 1990–083 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,4

Guilty Oriente

Located on the ground floor of the Tivoli Oriente Hotel, Guilty’s signature is Less guilty, More Foodporn. The menu includes burgers, pastas, pizzas and cocktails.

📍Av. Dom João II 27, 1990–083 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,1

Honorato Rio

A Portuguese food chain focused on artisanal burgers with multiple restaurants in Lisbon.

📍Alameda dos Oceanos, lote 2.11.01F/G Fracções H, i, 1990–225 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,0

Vegan & Vegetarian 🥗


Organic products, always fresh, to make sure you get a healthy meal. daTerra serves a vegan buffet where you can eat everything you wish. The prices vary from 12,50€ at lunch and 13,50€ at dinner and on the weekends.

📍Avenida D.João II, 25 A, 1990–079 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,4

The Green Affair

A 100% vegetable-based, world food restaurant, serving nothing of animal origin.

📍 Alameda dos Oceanos, 41b, 1990–203 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,4

Honest Greens

Here you’ll find vegetarian, vegan and paleo options, all without processed or refined ingredients.

📍Cais Português, Lote 2.11.01 R/S, 1990–225 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,4

Italian 🍝

L’Origine by Chakall

Chakall is an Argentinian chef living in Portugal for several years now, where he opened multiple restaurants. In L’Origine the pizza dough is left in slow maturation between 32 to 72 hours. To the artisanal pizza dough recipe are then added innovative ingredients such as beetroot, charcoal, etc.

📍Rua da Pimenta 103, 1990–254 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,6


With a beautiful outdoor space overlooking the river where you can taste several Italian classics and pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.

📍Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote 2.11.01H, 1990–225 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,2


They offer authentic artisanal Italian food with fresh ingredients cooked in the moment.

📍Alameda dos Oceanos, 1.06 1.1, 1990–207 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,1

La Tagliatella

There are dozens of La Tagliatella restaurants scattered through Spain, Andorra and Portugal. They promise and authentic Italian experience with ingredients brought directly from their place of origin.

📍Alameda dos Oceanos 57, 1990–207 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,1

Chinese 🥢

The Old House

Also a food chain with several restaurants in China. Here you can taste Sichuan gastronomy, known for being spicy.

📍Rua da Pimenta 9, 1990–254 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,4


This is the first restaurant of the Quanjude food chain in Europe. In China there are over 50. The restaurants are best-known for their Beijing duck which takes three days to prepare, it’s baked in a wood-fired brick oven and sliced in a special way.

📍Rua Polo Norte 10623, 1990–095 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,2

Japanese 🍱


A restaurant by the river where you can enjoy Sushi Tasting Menus, every day from 12h to 24h. Besides sushi and sashimi, there are also Asian hot dishes on the menu.

📍Alameda dos Oceanos, Ed. Lisboa lote 2.11.01 Letras E/F, Parque das Nações, 1990–223 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,1

AFURI Ramen + Dumpling

A Japanese franchise with restaurants in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Lisbon. You’ll find ramens and dumplings, and done in-house.

📍Av. Dom João II 45, 1990–088 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,0

Korean 🇰🇷

Han Table Barbecue

A place where you can have the Korean barbecue experience. You get the raw ingredients and then cook them by yourself on the table barbecue.

📍R. da Pimenta 5, 1990–280 Lisboa


⭐️ 4,6

Middle East 🧆


A restaurant that promises to take its visitors on a journey to Syria through its homemade Syrian food. The owners are a couple of Syrian refugees and the space is inspired in their home back in Damasco. The menu changes every week.

📍Estr. Moscavide 62A, 1800–279 Lisboa

⭐️ 4,7

Indian 🇮🇳


Opened since 1986 (not in this location), some say it’s the best Indian restaurant in Lisbon. The samosas and the naan bread are a must try. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to eat, the staff will recommend it for you.

📍Rua do Polo Norte 16, 1990–266 Lisboa

⭐ ️4,6



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